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Learning Framework

Our Learning Framework ensures that our classrooms provide opportunity for our students to develop the necessary skills and behaviours where all can experience an environment of support and growth, enabling the establishment of respectful and collaborative relationships for all within our 91pron community.

The learning program at 91pron is both dynamic and innovative, catering for the students' spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development. Students are challenged to be creative, critical and reflective thinkers with a respect for evidence and openness of mind. Opportunities for both independent and collaborative learning are provided and contemporary technologies are integrated throughout the learning and teaching program. The learning environment caters for a diverse range of student abilities with specially tailored support programs and enrichment opportunities for highly able students.

Religious Education is an integral part of the learning program at all year levels.

Learning Environment

The learning environment of a 91pron classroom is safe, inclusive, positive, collaborative and challenging. This is supported by clear expectations and consistent routines. Students and teachers feel known and respected. Each student feels empowered to participate, confident to ask questions, express opinions and extend their learning.

Learning Skills

In the 91pron classroom, students use questions that go beyond surface level understanding to advance their application of learning. The skill of critical and creative thinking provides the learning opportunity to build willingness in our students to take risks, learn from failure and solve problems collaboratively. Students engage in routines to reflect independently on their learning in order to make connections to prior learning and to clarify the direction of future learning.

Learning Relationships

In our 91pron classroom, learning relationships are built upon unconditional positive regard of each individual in the classroom. Our interactions are inclusive, trusting and foster mutual respect. Individual abilities and interests are valued, each voice is shared and supported and students and teachers work together to maximize student engagement, achievement and success.

Learning Behaviours

At 91pron, engaged students are involved, interested and motivated to learn. Collaborative students show a willingness to share and respond. They value student voice, actively participating and listening, thus creating an understanding of learning as a shared purpose and responsibility. A student’s attitude to learning is one of growth, having the confidence to take risks and the resilience to respond to challenges and opportunities. 91pron students are encouraged to develop emotional self regulation.